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Portrait: Marto Cuminga
28 November 2009

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Native Squash
15 September 2009

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Lilah's Arrangement
10 July 2009

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George H. Stone and Company
13 November 2008

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Rigging - Joseph Conrad
5 September 2008

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Nikon F2
24 April 2008

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Sunset Sailing
4 April 2008

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Roof Tiles
27 February 2008

Recent Comments

Longroute on Brant Point Light, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Not bad as a composition... (:-) The early morning light makes the difference. Simple and essential. TFS, D.

Elodie on Mother & Child
Beautiful portrait !

Margie on Portrait: Marto Cuminga
Time for a new photo, Henro.

Fusao on Portrait: Marto Cuminga
cool shot!

Rags on Portrait: Marto Cuminga
He looks like a tough guy.

Margie on Portrait: Marto Cuminga
Did you fear for your life?

Curly on Portrait: Marto Cuminga
Caught him with your very first shot too!

Margie on Pool Days

Jason on Pool Days
Well composed, cute kid & exceptional colors!

Rags on Pool Days
The child really has a pretty smile.

Courtney King on Lilah

akarui on Lilah
Beautiful eyes and softness.

eva on Lilah
Delicious baby! Very nice portrait!

Denise on Lilah
Gorgeous shot!

Denise on Oh No You Didn't!
IS he cocking an attitude? Nice shot!

Daniel Herrera Erro on Oh No You Didn't!
good picture, i have some of this my shelf.

akarui on Native Squash
Well come back Henry! I love this composition. Very well done!

aj.binam on Bride with Antique Auto
nice shot

Denise on Native Squash
You surely got the feel you wanted, just beautiful! Native American, from what area?

Kaddy on Native Squash
beautiful colorful shot!!!

Margie on Native Squash
I like it.

Henry on Sycamore
Thank you Sarah. I had gone to the island for several days to shoot Martha's Vineyard like I had shot Nantucket. ...

Henry on Antique Chinese Jade Lotus Dish
Thank you. In hindsight there was probably a better way to shoot it and get a good idea of its three dimensional ...

Sarah on Sycamore
Edgartown... one of my favourite places! Lovely capture.

Sarah on Antique Chinese Jade Lotus Dish
A stunning piece and a wonderful shot.

Sarah on Antique Chinese Jade Chest
Beautifully done - will look perfect in the catalogue.

Sarah on Oktoberfest Portrait: Dave and Sonia
Great shot - love the costumes too!

Sarah on Native Squash
Beautiful autumn shot, Henry!

Denise on Oktoberfest Portrait: Children
This is great, thanks for sharing!!!!

daniela scharnowski on Oktoberfest Portrait: Children
Beautiful job henry ;) I love the antique finish here, also a splendid setting, plus: cute kids ;)

alex centrella on Oktoberfest Portrait: Children
fantastic portrait !

Sussi on Oktoberfest Portrait: Children
Really sweet, like the subject very much, nicely arranged!

k@ on Oktoberfest Portrait: Children
SO cute ! and well done ~ 

Elodie on Oktoberfest Portrait: Dave and Sonia
Beautiful portrait !

Denise on Oktoberfest Portrait: Dave and Sonia
Great shot, sounds like alot of fun!

philippe on Oktoberfest Portrait: Dave and Sonia
Beau portrait, bravo et bonne journée, Philippe.

Victor Lamela on Oktoberfest Portrait: Dave and Sonia
Me encanta, no pares de publicar photos¡¡¡

Denise on Firecracker
This is so cute, I can't stop smiling myself! (especially , your narrative...)

Denise on Rigging - Joseph Conrad
Beautiful! We were so lucky to view the tall shops this summer in Cahrleston HArbor, South Caroline. We boarded a ...

Apostolia on Dreamy Baby
what an adorable portrait full of color and life! the expression on her face is priceless!! thank u for sharing!

philippe on Dreamy Baby
Magnifique portrait, j'aime beaucoup, bravo........ Philippe.

Ronnie 2¢ on Antique Chinese Jade Chest
What an exquisite piece and I agree about the extraordinary translucence here.

lucid on Portrait of Sandra H.
FANTASTIC image! You definetly have something there!

Micke Bergling on Portrait of Sandra H.
so cool.... love it a lot. Well done

Margie on Antique Chinese White Jade Horse Miniature
There is something about this little guy that gets to me, something so vulnerable about it...I can't think of the ...

daniela scharnowski on Antique Chinese Jade Incense Holder
good presentation! jade is a stunning stuff, I own some smaller old chinese jade sculpture and they still have the ...

Margie on Chinese Tri-Color Jade Vase
This and previous pieces you have posted are not really my "thing" - though I do appreciate the painstaking ...

João Mourão on Antique Cream and Tan Vase
fantastic piece of art and craftmenship. You got it perfectly.

Ana Lúcia on Lilah's Arrangement
What a gorgeous work!

Amber on Sesachacha Mists
Love it Henery. I have a problem with colours in photographs. If I don't like the predominant colours it puts me ...

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